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Nisei Veterans’ Exhibit Visited by Consul General Uyama and Deputy Consul General Lafitte

On July 25, 2019, Consul General Tomochika Uyama  (Japan) and Deputy Consul General Sophie Lafitte (France) visited the Nisei Veterans’ Exhibit aboard the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier Museum, Pier 3, 707 W. Hornet Avenue, Alameda, California.

They were introduced to Japanese-American history and to exhibits of the legendary 442nd Regimental Combat Team (442 RCT) in Europe and the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) in the Pacific.  Both dignitaries were impressed by Nisei soldiers’ unique contributions – serving to prove their loyalty to this country. The MIS exhibit enabled Consul General Uyama to understand the secret and critical role played by MIS Nisei soldiers, men and women, to help General MacArthur defeat Japan and rebuild Japan after the war. The 442 RCT exhibit allowed Deputy Consul General Lafitte to gain a better picture of how Nisei soldiers fought and helped to liberate France during World War II.

In addition, the dignitaries were given a quick overview of the history of the Hornet itself, from its major war effort to defeat the Imperial Japanese Navy and to the historic recovery of the Apollo 11 crew returning from the moon.

Admission to Nisei Veterans ‘ Exhibit is free.  It is located at the rear of the ship on Hangar Deck 3.  However, admission fees apply to board the Hornet.  For more information, please Google USS Hornet Museum.

The permanent  Nisei Veterans’ Exhibit was created by Friends and Family of Nisei Veterans in 2006.  If you desire more information, please contact Brian Shiroyama via email at [email protected].

Caption, from left: Shiroyama, Consul Kamono, Consul General Uyama, Lawson Sakai, Deputy Consul General Lafitte, Ms Delfino, Hornet Executive Director McCarron. Photo credit: Dennis Miyahira

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