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Armed Forces Day 2021

As always, Roberts Park in Oakland Hills was familiarly moist from water drops from majestic redwood trees on Armed Forces Day, 2021.  The forest remained quiet without the band playing patriotic music.  There were no military honors by boy-scout troops.   No speeches.  Due to pandemic concerns, our traditional memorial service again did not take place.

As last year, however, we were determined not to skip this service especially since we want to appropriately celebrate the 30th anniversary of the planting of the redwood tree by E Company veterans next year.  With that commitment, three FFNV members  (John Garvey, Martin Snapp and I) braved the cold temperatures and participated in a small but meaningful service.  We were capably assisted by Mary Wakatsuki, chairperson of the senior group in Morgan Hill to which Mr and Mrs Lawson Sakai belonged.  Of course, we couldn’t have done this without the outstanding help from the Roberts Park staff of East Bay Regional Park District.  Many thanks for their wonderful and enthusiastic support.

As we offered our prayers, the bright and warm sun began to peek and greet us.  I swear I heard our own redwood tree whisper “good job” and “what’s with this Warriors’ logo?”

We look forward to seeing all of you on May 14, 2022 at the 30th anniversary memorial service.

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