2017 Reunion Info
July 5, 2017
2018 Annual Meeting to be Held
January 9, 2018

Friends and Family of Nisei Veterans (FFNV) hosted its annual reunion at the California Hotel from Oct. 15 to 19 in Las Vegas.

Our Nisei soldiers came from several states, mainly from California and Hawaii.    Thirteen 442nd Regimental Combat Team (442RCT) veterans representing the 100th Battalion A Company, Medic, Cannon, Headquarter, Service, E, I, and L Companies attended.  One Military Intelligence Service (MIS) and two Korean War veterans also made the journey.  Some needed wheelchairs and others confidently walked.  It didn’t matter how they came. They all gathered in two hospitality rooms in the spirit of camaraderie so inspiring to all others in attendance.  In total, nearly 200 family members, friends and supporters also came.

The welcome banquet featured Shane Sato and Robert Horsting introducing the book: “The Go For Broke Spirit – Portraits of Courage.”

For the farewell banquet, Stacey Hayashi, author (“Journey of Heroes”) and filmmaker, presented a preview of upcoming feature film: “Go For Broke – a 442 Origins Story.”  Representatives from the Special Service Force (Force) which briefly fought with the 442RCT and also supported the MIS in early years of the Pacific Campaign presented its Congressional Gold Medal to Go For Broke National Education Center.

“We invite everyone to join FFNV and attend next year’s reunion (dates to be announced later),” said a spokesperson.  Please visit FFNV’s website (www.ffnv.org) for more information about FFNV and its activities including next year’s reunion dates.