Feb. 13 Meeting Update
February 24, 2016
Annual Las Vegas Reunion
March 11, 2017
Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 11:00 AM

Morgan Hill Buddhist Community Center, 16450 Murphy Avenue, Morgan Hill, CA

We are excited about this year’s program, which will include two outstanding speakers, and hope you will join us. Mike Malaghan will talk about his highly-acclaimed book, “Picture Bride,” a history-based novel of a girl who escapes hardship in Japan, comes to Hawaii as a picture bride, and endures unfamiliar and difficult life as an immigrant. The second presentation by Chet Campenella will be on internment of persons of Italian ancestry during WW II. He will describe the life endured by his parents as they were interned resulting from the same Executive Order 9066. A potluck lunch will be served. Annual family membership is $25. If you desire more information, please contact Brian Shiroyama at bshiroyama@gmail.com or (408) 896-1021.