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March 11, 2017
Annual Nisei Veterans Memorial Service
May 1, 2017

“The Go For Broke Spirit: Portraits of Courage” Shane Sato, Photography book

We are in need of help as the deadline (June) for completing our book and getting it to press approaches.  There are still many veterans we have not been able to contact to ask for:
1)    A lead to someone or resource, so that we can write a short personal story for each veteran, to go with their portrait.  
2)    A lead to someone or resource, to get either WWII era photos (scans if possible.) or that we can scan and return through FedEx.
3)    A contact person, so that a free copy of the book can be given to the photographed veteran or one representative member of his family
Attached is a list of veterans whom were photographed and the status of what we need to complete their page (Facing the portrait).
Would you also please pass along the following note and the list of veterans to your local community and network (either through the newsletter, email blast or both), so that we can get the largest response to gather this information?
Thank you,
Robert Horsting, on behalf of Shane Sato, photographer and author,
“The Go For Broke Spirit: Portraits of Courage”
Dear Veterans and friends,
My name is Shane Sato, a photographer for the past 30 years based in Los Angeles.  I’ve been shooting portraits of WWII Nisei veterans since 2000, starting with my “Go For Broke” series, which was shot in black and white and posed in their club shirts.  I wanted to do another series to continue shooting more veterans , so in 2007 I started shooting in color and I decided to use uniforms to help the public “see into the past”.  There was a dramatic change in response, because now people could equate these men in the twilight of their lives to the vets who fought in WWII.
Having shot about 130 portraits since 2000, I’m now working together with Robert Horsting, an oral historian, to create a “Coffee Table” book.  By combining these portraits with personal photos and a short story of a moment of each veteran’s life, we’re providing a “Then and Now” experience. This project is intended to be photo driven and not a history book.
I am reaching out to all of you in the Nisei veteran communities to ask you veterans, family members and friends, to help us locate a lead to someone or resource, so that we can write a short personal story for each veteran, and gather some WWII era photos to go with their portrait.